Michael Carter

After graduating high school, I received a partial scholarship to attend Florida State College of Jacksonville for music. I was kind of bored after 18 months of School and needed more action in my life and decided to join the military. Basic training was a wake-up call into my life of what’s next for Michael Carter. I decided to make it a career and completed 22 years of Military service as a 19D Scout along with a wife and three kids. While serving in the military I still wanted to pursue my passion as a Singer/Performer so I auditioned for the United States Army Soldier Show and was able to fulfill my dreams. To travel the world and perform in front of thousands of people was great. I toured to 45 states and 6 overseas location like, Korea, Japan, Germany, Hawaii, Italy and Kuwait. I have also traveled to Jamaica, Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey, Bosnia, Budapest, Canada, Bahamas, and Iraq. My tour and performance experience has taught me a lot about the industry and functioning of coordinating shows, preparing the Artist and giving the audience a great performance. I am now managing one Pop Rock Artist based out of Jacksonville, FL and one R and B Artist based out of Atlanta. I am working hard to ensure that my Artist have the opportunity to as well pursue there dreams and conquer every obstacle in there path. To be as large as they can possibly be and be great at everything they do in this world.


what we are looking for is character, personality, confidence and to just be you.

Carterboyz Entertainment is a family business. We specialize in multiple things involving, entertainment ie. Film, artist development, coaching and training with a plethora of experience in whatever questions you may have. Fill out the form below for inquiries, and if we don't know it, we will research it and get right back to you ASAP.